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The last of february photoshot. Part two.

I remember, that I promised to tell a story. Here it is ^^

...I was resting in a hotel after a hard busyness conversation, and, suddenly, I heard a sound of openning the door. I raised and went to the corridor.A cute girl was standing near a big mirror, which hid the wardrobe.

That was unexpectable, but I invited her to come in and take some tea. She agreed.

We began to talk. She did not say much about herself, me too, but when I called my name she suddenly got a wakizaci and surrendered.

"Why?" I replied. "I'm the one you was asked to bring to your client! How could I be so mistaken..."
I started to realizing. "There is a girl with blue hair, who disappeared from my mansion. I miss her. She should be near your place, as I was toled. Can you escort her to me, please?" I do not know, what is the relationship between her and my client, but I at least have to know the situation. But it's difficult to talk with someone with a weapon.
"Look, I do not want to escort you right now, at least, until I'll learn what happened between you and my client"
She lowered the wakizaci...

But from the next conversation I realised, that the dialog was failed. And I began to act.

Finally, driven to te bed, she talled all I need to know to make my decision.

What did I decide? I released her, but took away her weapon. Cause she deside to go to my client's by herself. But I really do not know, why.