Welcome to my adventures blog, where I share my experiences in a world of kigurumi - a generic art form based on anime or BJD cosplay masks and... fantasy!


Aoi at FreakFest. Part 8

Strange vision meet Aoi on the other side.

Everything around loocked like a room of mage or okkultist. Aoi's unsteady hand touched a chaotic-built cage, enceasing a golden insect.

She explored new scenery. White and gold.

And the only creatures, wathing her was scarry dolls from another dimention.

The end

P.S. We still can not deside if that world was real, or it was just a dream.


Aoi at FreakFest. Part 7

Aoi couldn't ignore the door-shaped hole.

There was just an extrodinary picture gallery.

Some of the pictures was scarry and thoughtworthy.

Others was just strange and funny.

Outside of the gallery Aoi meet lots of people.

Strange paper bags attracted Aoi. What was inside, she wondered?

The bag pulled herself in...
Strange vision was on the other side.

To be continued...


Aoi at FreakFest. Part 6

Aoi kneeled down and touched a small thing near her leg.

The wind... Looking to it was exciting.

After severall seconds of watching picture changed it's shape and Aoi recognized some 3D human shapes around, which finally transformed into living people. And bicycles.

The surrounding was so colorful, that Aoi felt being 2D for a second. The feeling she never experience for a while.

She also felt that bicycles try to speak to her, but anime character can't understand bicycle's language.

There was a door-shaped hole behind one of them. The explorer's passion of our heroine couldn't let her ignore it. Even after the nomber of other experiaces.

To be continued...


Aoi at FreakFest. Part 5

Light became stronger and Aoi could hardly see what is around her.

When she was accustomed to it, she saw paintings. Some was scarry.

Some kawaii dobutsu dropped from celling.

A small thing loocked to Aoi. She kneeled down and touched it.

To be continued...


Aoi at FreakFest. Part 4

"Push me" said the button.

The light gone. And a strange creaturecame from the dark.

Luckily, someone turned on a candle.

Aoi's reflection smiled to Aoi, who didn't realized, that there was no mirror before. May be, it was the reflection who light up the light?

Aoi turned around. Light became stronger.

To be continued...