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Animatsuri 2009

Finally I'm able to share photos from 2-day anime and manga festival held a month before. The one reason is that I was very busy, and the other is that I need to gather all photos.

There was a lot of people having fun together. (For example, I'd like to show you work from one of my friends.) We hanged around posing with guests of the festival and interacting with cosplayers.

It's a pity no one depicted faces of sellers in a affiliate storedesk when they saw me! It was a real culture shock ^^. Lots of peole reacted more normal, but them was in fun too and took photos of us.
Vanilla even took part in stage catwalk.

We found some interesting craftwork. High-quality swords and weapons are normal at a festival like Animatsuri. But one transformed hos motorsycle in to Eva-02 looking device with a hidden place for katana!

When the first day was going to it's end, one photographer (later we discovered, that he was a jurior) asked Vanilla to pose to him and his friend (Sitting on the photo below). They also turned out to be new kigurumi fans, and asked us about some news, etc.

There are photos they made:

We also made some pictures, and there was lots of our pictures found on different albums of guests and photographers. Most of them are like "me and a creature", but some worth seing. So, here them are:

And a stereo one as an exuse of late posting:


At a night club

Vanilla rights:

"At saturday night, week ago, my cyber friend was invited to take part in a party people entertaining. I think I whould never go to such a thikless tits-tuts style music party, but the backgroundings was interesting enough to me, so I agreed to accompany her.

The so-called "music" was "for legs only", and, when I was asked to do some dance on a small stage near DJ's, I even took some sleeping (the body used beats as a control signals, and my brain was able to shut down for a while).

From my point of view, music should have a plot, I'd call it a story (for example, "Train search" from GITS series), make you imaging, or drift to the galaxy (like J.M. Jarre cmpositions)or give you the feeling of greatemess of digital streams on the world. So we didn't spend much time at the dance floor and went to other locations to take some pictures.

The other interesting experience was interaction with people. That was a real fun! Two guys invited me to spent next day together and asked if I go with them to Marokko. A girl played with me at the dance hall for an hour and I think that she was sad that "such a sexy doll doesn't belong to her completely". In the end she said that I was greate. Ha-ha.
Well, thare was some really good emotions, and I was pity that it's a night.

Vanilla M.R."