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The last of february photoshot. Part two.

I remember, that I promised to tell a story. Here it is ^^

...I was resting in a hotel after a hard busyness conversation, and, suddenly, I heard a sound of openning the door. I raised and went to the corridor.A cute girl was standing near a big mirror, which hid the wardrobe.

That was unexpectable, but I invited her to come in and take some tea. She agreed.

We began to talk. She did not say much about herself, me too, but when I called my name she suddenly got a wakizaci and surrendered.

"Why?" I replied. "I'm the one you was asked to bring to your client! How could I be so mistaken..."
I started to realizing. "There is a girl with blue hair, who disappeared from my mansion. I miss her. She should be near your place, as I was toled. Can you escort her to me, please?" I do not know, what is the relationship between her and my client, but I at least have to know the situation. But it's difficult to talk with someone with a weapon.
"Look, I do not want to escort you right now, at least, until I'll learn what happened between you and my client"
She lowered the wakizaci...

But from the next conversation I realised, that the dialog was failed. And I began to act.

Finally, driven to te bed, she talled all I need to know to make my decision.

What did I decide? I released her, but took away her weapon. Cause she deside to go to my client's by herself. But I really do not know, why.


The last of february photoshot. Part one.

Let me introduce a new member of my 2.5D world. Her name is Aoi, and she is Hikarinaka's doughter.

There are not a lot of data avaluable about her. She was born on the 14'th of february. That day was full of little problems, so she became a bit shy. While she is preparing to the shot, let me tell some words about the place she came to. It's the best room in small hotel we rent for a day to celebrate a private holyday of Hikarinaka and Kokorozaci. Of course, they took their youngest girls, Cat and Aoi.

After the preparation, the film photocamera was unpacked, and the fun began. The first part of it is as follows.

The next part is featuring a completeshort story, so I'll prepare a single post to it in a week.
See you.