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february' 23th

Some yeras ago the 23'th of february was a corporate holyday of Rad Army. But that time flew away, empire became just a contry and the holyday changed it's profile. Now it is reknown as Motherland Defender Day. Or men's day (it is considered, that every otoko is a potential defender... well, I think it is not true, but tradition is a tradition), like Faser's Day in US, if I didn't confuse.

Anyway, Vanilla've made a new photosession that day to celebrate it. (Vanilla is my opponent, but the other environment require another behavior, and we entered in to truce).


To be freaker than freaks on a freak party

Last sunday (it wasn't really full of sun) me, Hikarinaka-kun and our friend went to an anime freak party. I took my new pink XIX-style dress.

Well, some people didn't expect such a character - cybergirls and freaken anime chars was an ordinary ones here, but real anime girl in old-style dress seem to be more freaky here ^.^ But it was a pity that none invited me (the living dream of otaku) to dance with... Anyway, here are some photos we took.

There will be some new photos after I'll recieve them from other photographers or make more photoshop-activities.

Do not eat me, dear cameraman ^.^