Welcome to my adventures blog, where I share my experiences in a world of kigurumi - a generic art form based on anime or BJD cosplay masks and... fantasy!


February Photosession. Part 1.

It was a greate day! 6 hours of straight playing with several photographers in a professional studio resulted in a nomber of photos and some video (still in progress)!

Also I'd like to introduce a new girl, Angela, who stepped out of my workshop this month...

Oh, I haven't tell that I have a kigurumi workshop now, did I? So I'm making Characters now =^-^=.

To be continued...


Autumn in Petrozavodsk

In late oktober Luno went to Petrozavodsk to take part in Credendo Vides Darkwave band performance. As there was free several hours before the stage, she intercalled one of the residents and also a greate photographer, known as Akira Katran. The result is down here:

And I also made a widescreen wallpaper for you(1920x1080)!

Also there is a You tube video, publicked some time ago, showing some backstage of this photoshot.