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Trance party report.

Some time ago Aoi and her cyber friend was invited to a night trance party as a special guests. Well, we usually do not like trance, but our good friend was among organisers, and Aoi could not ignore the event. Pictures will show the rest.


In the city

After the cold "siberian" winter and hot "mexican" spring the rainy "english" summer came to the city of Saint Peter. Well, that wasn't really summer that time, only one of the days, dedicated to the 307'th birthday of the city (it was founded on the 27 of may in 1903, and on the nearest saturday the city center was turned into the wast pedestrian area).

Aoi culdn't skip the event. Even if it was raining.

Of course, there was a lot of photographers, but this one is the most significant:

The Zinger's building, constructed in a style of Modern locates the high class bookstore now.

The Kazansky cathedral was supposed to have two colonnades, as a symbol of unity of Orthodox and Catholic chirches, but the only one was ever built. There are two monuments at the ends of the colonnade, the Kutuzov monument and the Barklay de Tolli monument - the two generals, who lead Russian Empire to the victory over Napoleon in his campaign of 1812.

The time was slowly ticking to an end of the walk, and Aoi was returning home.

P.S. Special thanks to the theatre org "Legkie Ludi".