Welcome to my adventures blog, where I share my experiences in a world of kigurumi - a generic art form based on anime or BJD cosplay masks and... fantasy!


Photosession in LiderClub. Part 2

In part 1 I mentioned that there was two dolls^^
When Nora was ready to shooting, Angela jioned her in the pass with lots of blacklights.

to be continued.


Photosession in LiderClub. Part 1.

At the very end of may the amusement park "Liderclub" had it's last night before being closed. There was no people there, except personel. And two dolls: Nora and Angela.This part is dedicated to Nora^^


Mooving blog to original platform

I just changed blog functionality to keep it up-to date and allow it to be lighter on mobile devices.


Late videos

I finally uploaded an old video from Art show

Also our friends from Photo VandP-Style, the authors of most photos here created a promo-video featuring some of our characters:


Just a small announce.

I/m glad to say that now we're able to produce custom kigurumi masks for only $650-730 with worldwide shipping.
Also we can create any cosplay and acsessory from ordinary cat ears to full body armor.
Feel free to ask to my e-mail hikarinaka(at)mail.ru or to office(at)dkag.ru.

For more images feel free to dive here.



It's an art! Jusy look. It's definitelly Nora's debut^^. Also there was Aoi, Angela and Luno.

Most of photos were made by Alexei Vedernikov. If you have a facebook account, feel free to visit his group Photo V&P-Style. Others were taken by our good friends and us.


Art show

It was a closed party for event artists. Luno and Nora took part and made a small performance... not well, but funny.
Photos are below.


Otakufest 2011. Stage.

It took place in the late of february. We had some time walking around, having some fun in photographer's place and even went on stage!

Luno fulfilled one of our dreams. It's a lot people who taking pictures of what is on stage. But this time they were captured too!

Angela went on stage too, but without the camera^^.