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Offline meet with Hotaru. Part 2

The second part of online meet report. This time Venomi and Hikarinaka switched their roles... But this part is really small, cause there are lots of dark shots ^,,^'


Offline meet with Hotaru. Part 1

At the beginning of April Venomi with Hotaru visited us to take part in a local festival MAniFest (see festival report). After the festival we had a nice time to make a photos of each other.

The first model was Hotaru and Hikarinaka act as a cameraman.

Here are some cross-eye stereogramms as well:

Also we have a lot of fun playing with each other =^.^=


MAniFest 2010. Photoshot.

As I said in report, dedicated to MAniFest 2010, there was several photos, that was took in festival photocorner. Here them are!

You can also see lots of festival photos here and here.


M Ani Fest 2010 report.

MAniFest - is a local festival, held in St.Petersborg in the beginning of april. This time there was three dolls, who entered the festival: Aoi, Hotaru and Mikomi.

We went there from the Mikomi's home.

It was lots of fun, but do I need to tell something? Photos are telling more =^-^=

This time, Kokorozaci was our spotter.

P.S. There was a photosession as well. It'll be featured in special report.

P.P.S. Safari from one of my good friends.