Welcome to my adventures blog, where I share my experiences in a world of kigurumi - a generic art form based on anime or BJD cosplay masks and... fantasy!


Photoset on september,10.

On the 10'th of septrmber Vanilla had a small trip around the city.

At first she took a several minutes walking around a beautiquet hall (Warning: may be a lot of commercial backwise!)

But security (on the last photo - a man backwise) was not friendly there. So, she an her photographer went to spot-hunting.

(I down't really know who is the owner of that bike ^^, but we can not pass it through)

Interaction with some 3D people...

Then we came to a memorial. It is dedicated to the personnel of train parks of the city, who did not allow tram traffick to stop even when the city was blocked! As far as I know, this is the only happenning in history, when a blocked city was not taken by enemy.

Then Vanilla saw another memorial - a KV 85 heavy tank.

Tryed to use it as a vehicle... Turned out, that it was locked and it's controlls were uneccessible.

And, finally, she had some rest time...


And had some fun on a veaduk.

End for now. But there will be some new materials here ^_^

Photos by Kserg.


Himitsu said...

Haha, nice work, I love the guys who interrupted you.
I bet they are like "dude....that is so cool it is like BATMAN or something"


Kaze Hikarinaka said...

They was trying hard to make me say smthing. Well... I'm a doller, but I was at the edge of sayingn "okay, I undersstood yoou, but kigurumi don't speak!"
The photographer finally made tham believe, that the mask don't allow me to speak, and they was satisfied with some quiet girly laugh from Vanilla ^^