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We're fundrize a new HUDGE project

A year ago I saw images of "female" robots on Deviant Art and thought, how cool whould be to create such a thing in real life. I'm a prop maker and I know, how to create such a thing. Also I found interesting electronic systems: a glasses that can provide a good image and can fit inside of the mask, small cameras...

I was inspired by creations of Vermin Star on Deviant art:

And I have an idea: create a real life avatar and use the cameras to make a real life tird person quest! And make photos and videos of both what a person inside sees and what is happening outside. By the way, the avatar will have it's own voice too!

Based on his images and our kigurumies, we desided to make our ownset of robots with all the features I've mentioned.

The most interesting part is that the avatars will perform a simple everyday tasks and make an every week interviews with pedestrians, that will be broadcasted live on stickcam. Some nesessary devices are already on it's way to me. But I need to improve them and make some new ones.

But it's an expencieve thing: several suits, made of plastic and resin, all texturised and with a high-level of details! So I desided to make it thorugh croudfunding, here is the project page.

Also there are rewards for the founders too, from the ordinary images to a working suit. By the way, I already bought some electronics to apply: voice changer, test-quality videoglasses and camera for one of the suit.

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