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A trip to Zodiac Square in Moscow

kigurumi is an art of making people smile.
Kaylee, american doller.

- Let us leave you for a moment - A thin guy asked to a small company in a semi-old room wit a big color display computer monitor. And, in a secomd, he disappeared with his girl behind a door of a little, a bit filled with clothers, back room. People, sitting in front of a monitor, not to have some time to answer, resume talking about fate of peole with unusual point of view and about oters, who use the first to make some profit. But soon they began to dive into "Kanon" anime series.

The first one to notice a change in atmosphere was the hostess. And, nevercounting her same experience a day before, her eyes filled with a childish happyness with a mix of some sadness, that she can't join and her only role today is a role of spectator. Than, feeling it, her naibhour turnd head. And, only after that, a feel of unusualness turned to a guy sitting at the side. To tell the truth, firstly he thought, that it's just a joke with "hidden" camera behind, and, only after full turning back, he realised, what is the case. There was an unusual girl backwards, and she looked sometimes to the monitor, sometimes to the spectators. And her costume wasn't wery unusual to the audience - it's very difficult to surprise an otaku with even very strange dress, but her face was. It wasn't human face, it was a face of girl,from another, but anime. After the end of first shock and realisation that the world is still three-dimentional, the company began to ask. It was quite standard questions for such situation: how do you see, breath and so on. And than, remembered what it was started for, all except the strange creature, began to dress up for a walk.
- What do you tink if I'll go like this? - the hostess felt uneasy about her red badlon and silver trowses.
- And who will look at you? - strongly argued her.

The mere anticipation of people's around culture shock was disturbing. It was a little frightenning, and fynny, from the only imagining of passers-by's faces. Usually, members of theater groups feel something like that before the performance: the euphoria of yet ungained ovations and some, sometimes strict, frightennings of possible tomatoes.

The first experience didn't made to wait it long. Yes, some people try hard to look like nothing is happening. Unlike them, drivers, covered by their metal shells, was more free feeled. A driver of Road Patrol Service even opend his mouth and forget to close it, and this cause some experimentators's smiles (what about themselves!). The other one, the owner of a big jeep with toned glasses, slowly driveed near the company until the kigurumi (anime girl) waved him.

And finally the company reached it's destination - a square (the more presise is calling it a round), with several sculptures of zodiac signs (nad it's called so - Zodiac Square). And, of course, all began with may-I-photo-with-you. It appeared out of one group of guys, who bravy kills beer that evenning time. The anime girl didn't refuse, though tha audience wasn't too annoying. To say the truth it wasn't male-only group. Girls wanted to be depicted hugging the strange creature. One of guys loudly offered to be her "producer", that mean to be on cash. He was a bad cashier: he didn't gain anything, but feel fun and joyed others. (There is another member of that group on photo)

Soon the kigurumi was free to pose for herself with a Saggitarius sculpture - a hooligan with hand catapult, who was targeting a pigeon or, may be, the window of last floor of a block of flats on the other side of a road.

The next one was Tourus. It wasn't interesting to simply pose at it, so, after walking around ferocious animal, the girl climbed on it.

And, flirtratiousely repeating after resting people their "Can I photo with you, miss?" and smiling, the accomponing girl came up to creature. And than the hostess took after her. She was wery delightful and forget to give away a bag with her jacket, which was taken for unexpected cases. But, anyway this small unperfection isn't firstly notisable even on photo.

The next sculpture in the way was one-winged Aquarius. To start with, kigurumi
swinged a bit on it, and than (play but live in game!) semi kissed it.

By the way, a girl, photing with this time, hugged the creature's breast. As a male I can't understand for what.

After hanging more bit around the Aquarius, the company went to the Virgo, peacefully placed under the canopy.

A new episode was added to standard row here: a young girl came to kigurumi, and from the beginning called her a dragonfly (I can't wonder how interesting and precise can be child's associations!).Though she frankly replied "I don't know you"? she wsa very talkatieve. And than, having braged by her "crab" hairpin ("Look, what I have, and you don't!"), she said that she is going to a shop and returned to her mother.

The next stop was Pisces, who sit at the table with bottomless iron glasses in fins.

Then there was Leo jumping through a hoop.

Here the anime girl felt impudent enough to climb to one guy's hands (and than she do it several times). But, as we found out later, it had been only a beginning.

It was took little more time to stay at Libra, though kigurumi was unable to pose only with the sculpture: there came two men from a beer company around the Aries. And than one of them, wrongly interpreted girl's look, desided that he is in favour. In brief, kigurumi had a hard time to stop all the erotics which may pop up in nearest future. I wonder what his wife said.

There was a telescope in the center of round square. A telescope sculpture.

Hanging around it the anime girl went to the Aries. Kigurumi made her spotters feel nervous, whike walking into it's center. A question appeared, what goal this action has (the questioner was really surprised, thet there is just a self entertainment). And the company instantly began to discuss, who is under the mask.

The standard answer that there is nobody inside obviously din't was ascepted by them. One of them ,supported by other's exclamation, spoiled to an examination.

Very rough, should I say. But it hit down the atmosphere, and the company refused their suspects. One even wanted to hug-hug her for 100 rubles (2.25 euros or 3 dollars), and resieved girl's "200" sign.

And than, because no one has such spare amount that moment, she was set free to go to the next sculpture, Cancer. Just kidding.

The Cancer was supplied with a carriage, which was immediately occupied by anime girl.

Soon two other admirers accomponyed her. They not only photing with her, but even took some care. In general, they made feel her a queen.

In return, to say the truth, they wanted to know the real doller's name. Cameraman thought out a name - "Galia".

At Scorpio kigurumi finally was able to feel free of admirers.

But evenning was getting deeper, ant there still was two sculptures, Capricorn and Gemini, to take pictires at.

The Capricorn was proudly sitting on it's motorsicle, and the girl carefully sat behind the creature.

So only the "standing seats" was left around to the hostess of the "base" and two returned admirers.

After Capricorn one of thenm asked to make some photos near the Taurus, which was on the way to the last sculpture. I think it was an ordinary event in a row and don't worth dwelling about: hugged, climbed to hands...

Gemini was floating above the ground to the unknown direction and focused each oter.

It may be a reason to admirers to disappear, but more likely that they got out of interest. But it happen to became a chance to ask to photo with kigurumi for otaku girls, who had whaching the action for some time. There was a mix of the only joy for the sake of which all was done (and this is the only really valuable reason), and sadness that the time is about to over and the evenning is darken and darken.

Finally, the return time was resieved. Kigurumi took the cameraman's hand to prevent stumbling and waved to the audience, and the company went home. There wasn't any significant events on the way back, and the company, having re-went through the event, sucsessfully returned to the waiting a portion of photos computer.

Text: Hikarinaka
Cameraman: Kokorozaci

All the events are REAL
Moscow, july 2009

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