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Hanging around Sensation White Russia

A friend of us invited me to go for a walk and take some photos in a park...

fig.1 Our friend.

It was a early evenning when me and Vanilla went to the park in front of a Sport and Concert Complex. But we couldn't walk away from a sem-futuristic building at the oter corner of the park, near our "respawn Point".

fig. 2-4. In front (tryely, side) of library.

There was too or three 3D humans, who accompanied us in so called "real world" and took photos of- and with us. Vanilla took some photos of them too =^-^=.

fig 5-6. Taking photos of "real" humans.

And after a half an hour, we went to the park. That day a greate event was been holding there - Sensation White - so a park was full of White People, who asked to take some photos with us.

fig 7-10. Hanging.

The opposite side of park was much more crowded with "white brotherhood". Every 20 seconds we was asked to pose with one, two or more whiters. CHK - CHK - zzzCHk... Nice feeling.

fig 11-16. People.

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