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Otaku Festival, 22nd of february

It was the first festival, produced by "Shi-Tenno" cosplay group (the 4th con held in my city and 9th or 10th in Russia). And as every first fest there was los of miscalculations, from sudden dark beginning to standard "wrong karaoke track" mistake. But that doesn't affect swet atmosphere and fun.

Fest was opend with a cross-over stage cosplay (as every normal actors do, cosplayers here do not satisfact themself bu just posing to cameramen, but try to make a performance or even a short theatrical, somtimes good, sometimes bad).
In the hall there was lots of cosplayers posing to army of cameramen, I was the target too^^:

And, of course, I used my time photosessing^^

And a very special 3D shot:

That's all^^

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